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Mobile billboard advertising atlanta ga

Mobile billboard advertising atlanta ga

There has been plenty of confusion and debate about the legality of mobile billboards. Some cities pass specific kinds of limits on advertising, while others do not share the same scorn for modern marketing.

Officials who limit and control the ads have concerns about the distraction of drivers, the safety of pedestrians, and the unsafe habits of the trucks’ drivers. Most regions will enforce several legalities to help manage the use of mobile billboards. The most common regulatory include the following:

  • A specific amount for the billboard’s license fee
  • An inspection of the displays and lights LED qualities
  • Band on moving and animated images on the left side of the truck. Some authorities allowed still images to have a motion of ten seconds
  • Truck drivers receive instructions to stay away from residential areas by up to 500 feet. This law intends to protect children on foot
  • Some regions band driving of billboard trucks in windy conditions

The essence of enforcing rules on mobile advertising is to protect the citizens. This especially true for ads that want to use bright animations like neon LED lights and garish iconography. The danger of allowing distractions is possible accidents.

Additionally, one does not need to be an eyesore to attract the attention required. A mobile billboard advertising in Atlanta GA is enough because it is far from the usual computers, phones, and highway signage.

No state or city can completely ban marketing companies from using mobile ads. Most players would challenge the decision in court and cause an overturning of the rules by the Supreme Court.

One useful hack in working with your region’s enforcement is speaking to someone who can give you clarity on the most acceptable and appropriate ordinance. You could call your town for accurate details of the legalities, or call Legion Digital for a reveal of working on similar projects in the past.

Advertising your business is possible when you adjust how you appear to the community. Legion Digital will help you respect the market’s laws and increase visibility to the community. Some clarification details include where you want to move and park the vehicle on the property. Here are a few guidelines on how you can observe the laws of mobile billboard advertising in Atlanta GA.

  • Adhere to the city’s regulations and traffic signs
  • Read the local ordinance before placing your company’s message on truck adverts
  • Avoid blasting obnoxious conversations and music while driving,
  • Avoid bright light colors like neon and intense lighting effects
  • Keep the truck clean and in good condition. People will pay more attention to a truck that is falling apart than the message pasted on its sides.
  • Keep the trucks in motion, instead of parking it for an extended period. The movement attracts less attention from authorities because it likens the usual branding of buses and trucks.

Legion Digital will keep the truck in motion when the inspectors are on and off work. Contact us today to understand and begin your legal dance with Atlanta’s mobile advertising regulatory laws.



Mobile billboard advertising atlanta ga
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